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ARLANZA WINE ROUTE : Essence of Castile





Plaza de España, 1 34240 Baltanás (Palencia)
34240 Baltanás de Cerrato (Palencia)

T: +34 979 790 049
F: +34 979 790 666

This town of Palencia Cerrato has its origins in the “vacceos” people, but it is in the fifteenth century, in times of the Catholic King and Queen, when Baltanás got a real importance.

In Baltanás are famous its cheese, its preserves and a wide cultural heritage from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, among which is the parish church of San Millán, the Monastery of San Francisco, the hermitages of San Gregorio and San Francisco and the two hospitals that the villa had. One of them, St. Thomas Hospital, that now houses the Museum of Castilian Cerrato, must be visited.

There is a traditional and original wine cellars quarter, with more than 400 wine cellars in a hill called “El Castillo”.

Junta de Castilla y León, Unión Europea - Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural; Gobierno de España - Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Rural y Marino; Leader