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Hotel Tres Coronas de Silos

Hotel Tres Coronas de Silos

Plaza Mayor, 6
09610 Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos)
T: +34 947 390 047

The Tres Coronas Hotel is located in a palace of XVIII century, opposite the famous Benedictine monastery, famous for its Gregorian chant and which has the best Romanesque cloister in the world, and a cypress to which everyone would compose a poem.

The hotel has a restaurant on the ground floor, which specializes in grilled, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and homemade desserts. The hotel offers free wi-fi to its customers.

Junta de Castilla y León, Unión Europea - Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural; Gobierno de España - Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Rural y Marino; Leader